Building & Zoning

Building & Zoning Information and Documents

Do you have a 911 Address Posted on your Property? All residents not complying with the Penn Forest Township Ordinance 2003-03 are subject to a fine of up to $600.00. If you have questions, please contact Philip Prout, the Penn Forest Township Zoning Officer at 570-325-2760.
Please contact the Building or Zoning Officers if you are planning to erect or alter any structure. Examples include but are not limited to Sheds, Gazeboes, Fences, Swimming Pools, and Expansion of existing decks. Additionally, Ordinance Books are available at the Municipal Building for $25.00.

Building & Zoning Officers

Building Officer: Kathryn Forry
Zoning Officer: Philip Prout

If you have questions, you can reach the Building & Zoning Officers at the Municipal Building at the following times:
Zoning Office hours- Monday, Wednesday, Friday 1pm-4pm
Building Office hours- Tuesday and Thursday 8am-11am

Zoning Board Meetings - 1st Thursday of each month 7:00 pm - Check with Zoning Officer prior to meeting to verify there is an agenda.

Zoning Board Members

Chairman: Audrey Wargo
Member: Patrick Walsh
Member: Paul Fogal
Alternate: Shawn Kresge